'Sister's Christmas Catechism' now showing

Before your calendar fills up, you may want to reserve sometime this month for "Sister's Christmas Catechism," playing now through New Year's weekend at ACT Theater.

For the last decade, the sister has presided over "Late Night Catechism," a class many take on an annual basis.

The Sister is portrayed by Seattle actress Aubrey Manning.

 The Sister, portrayed by Seattle actress Aubrey Manning
Sisters’ original show was more of a class ...

“But the Christmas show is really - it’s a party,” Sister insists.

"Sister's Christmas Catechism" is now in session at ACT Theater, and she’s pulled out all the stops for this presentation.

First, you’re encouraged to bring your camera and take pictures, something frowned upon in most shows. But the sister won’t give you grief for snapping a few shots.

“Yeah, I went to see “Hair” in Central Park, and they took my camera away! Can you believe this long-haired hippy taking a camera away from a nun?" she says.

There will be a live choir providing music nightly, and during the show, Sister will also attempt to solve a Christmas mystery. Remember the gifts the Wise Men gave?

“Well, um, what happened to the gold?” Sister inquires. “You know, Mary and Joseph staying in a stable? What happened to that gold? Sure could’ve helped out!”

It could’ve meant the difference between staying in the stable and the Holiday Inn!

“Yeah, but we call that the Christmas Inn, because Catholics don’t say that ‘Holiday’ thing, you know,” Sister corrects.

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