Officer's widow: 'I understand what they're going through'

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Lisa Brenton, the widow of fallen Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton, describes her ordeal.
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SEATTLE - The murder of the four Lakewood police officers reopened a terrible wound for the family of Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton, just as they were grieving the loss of their father and husband.

Now Officer Brenton's widow, Lisa, is asking for the community to support the families of the Lakewood officers just as they've supported her - because she knows exactly what they're going through.

"Our loved ones died in almost the same circumstances," she says. "I understand what they're going through - disoriented, confused, shocked, terrified, numb - completely numb."

When Lisa Brenton got word that four Lakewood officers were gunned down, the nightmares began again for her and her two children - 8-year-old Quinn and 11-year-old Kayleigh.

"When this happened to those families, I was - this is so real. My kids were just in tears again knowing nine other kids were without parents," she says.

"They're terrified to leave house. ... They don't want me to go back to work. ... They're scared the people they love are going to die."

Lisa can't stop thinking about Halloween night, when her husband - whom she describes as a loving and loyal father - was gunned down while sitting in his patrol car.

For days she hoped it was only a terrible dream. But it became too real - with an entire community in shock.

"The community is still supporting me significantly, and I think that's one of the few things I know it's helped the kids a ton to know how important their father was," she says. "They would want him back in a second ... but it's really helped to know their dad was real special."

Lisa said she has made the decision to stop accepting donations and pass them on to the families of the fallen Lakewood officers.

"I thought it was the right thing to do," she says through her tears. "I didn't know how else to help them. I know the money is not important, but I can't help them in any other way. You can't fix this. It won't go away."

"I didn't want the attention on me any more," she says. "I know that sounds weird, but I just wanted them to get the help and support."

As she shares the pictures and memories of Tim's final days with his family, Lisa asked the community to support the Lakewood families like they've lifted her up.

She will be at their memorial service - grieving with the rest of us.

"It'll be hard. I just want to show them I support them and will be mourning for them. I'm sure, when my husband was killed, they had those discussion with their families, and were terrified and grieved for me. So, it's going to be hard ... but I feel it's important that I show them how much I care, and say. 'I'm sorry.'"