Mustang owners pay unusual tribute to slain officers

Mustang owners pay unusual tribute to slain officers »Play Video
A procession of Ford Mustangs cruises slowly to the spot where four Lakewood officers were shot dead.
LAKEWOOD, Wash - Cars were cruising for a cause Saturday in an unusual tribute to the five police officers shot and killed in Parkland and Seattle within a month's time.

About 40 Ford Mustangs filled the parking lot at Forza Coffee Co. - where the four Lakewood officers were killed. It's also the spot where this car club used to meet.

It was their way of remembering the fallen officers, as they slowly drove in procession to the site, engines revving.

"I hope this shows there is strength in this community. We stand united behind the Lakewood police," says Justin Stoicovy, who helped organize the event.

"Thank you for your courageous service and sacrifice to the friends and family of our fallen officers. They will be missed," he adds.

The car club brought a memorial plaque and placed it with all the other mementoes to the fallen officers that are accumulating outside the coffee shop.

"They should be thanked every day - not just for a tragedy - but for every day they're out there on patrol," says Ryan Elkins, who hopes to be a police officer.

At times the emotion overwhelmed some of the members as they contemplated the horrific reality of five officers gunned down in cold blood - including one from Seattle.

Coincidentally, a member of the Mustang club has a connection to the Seattle case, in which Officer Tim Brenton was shot dead as he sat in his patrol car with another officer.

Kevin Holmes knows Christopher Monfort, who is accused of killing Brenton. Holmes and Monfort used to play guitar together.

"It's tough to put into words how you feel when a person you know (and) considered a friend would do something like that," he says.

It made him more determined to get his group involved in honoring the officers. They all have cars in common - and are now bound by tragedy.

The Mustang club will take the plaque they placed here and present it to the Lakewood Police Department sometime next week.