Police: Man rejected by stripper threatened to bomb club

Police: Man rejected by stripper threatened to bomb club
SEATTLE -- Rejection from a stripper was evidently more than one Snohomish man could take.

Nathan D. Hulse had his eyes on a stripper who works at a Seattle club, investigators said. When she rejected his advances, he let out "a variety of emotions" in the following days, including threatening to set off a bomb inside the club, according to the statement of probable cause.

Prosecutors have charged Hulse, 29, with threat to bomb with the city of Seattle based on his postings on fetlife.com, a Web site for fans of BDSM and fetishes.

On Nov. 23, Hulse wrote "about how he wants to be best friends" with the woman, and "how (he) is not happy without her," investigators wrote.

"I can't even think about rejection from (woman's name redacted) without becoming so depressed that I move right onto Aggression towards everything," Hulse wrote, adding, "I all crazy and start thinking up ideas I'd hate to find I'd done."

Hulse claims he has "two more rockets, SAMs (surface-to-air missiles)," and "their destructive force is quite impressive," the document said. "I have this daily growing urge to Shut down out going flights from here ... The more I feel ignored, the more I feel like 'hurting' what I know she wants.'"

Investigators said Hulse logged onto the Web site again the following day, and continued his rant.

Stating his desire to "always be the best of friends" with the woman of his interest, Hulse wrote, "If she chooses otherwise, she knows I will go beyond crazy. I mean Hell... I have a lot of tax records for almost everyone in you kids lil group. Addresses for her parents, and more then enough bullets to clean up whomever I want to get that I don't get when using the military's stupidity against itself.

"I'm gonna go to ---'s work tonight and insist she speak with me. So it's entirely possible I'll just de pin my lucky grenade right then an there."

Hulse's Nov. 24 entry caught the eye of the Web site's administrator, who contacted police.

With the aid of Hulse's father, detectives contacted the man, who agreed to surrender himself to police. He was taken into custody without incident.

Hulse's criminal record includes convictions for attempted violation of the uniform controlled substance act, two counts of driving while license suspended, possession of marijuana and driving under the influence.

He is being held at the King County Jail on $100,000 bail.