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ANACORTES, Wash. -- Keith Anderson hasn't been seen since he left his home a week ago to run an errand, leaving behind his cell phone.

Police say the behavior is uncharacteristic of the retired high school counselor. And like his family members, detectives are grasping for answers.

Family members say in 43 years of marriage, Anderson never spent a night away from his wife.

"It's very difficult and the difficult thing is that we don't know anything," said brother Chris Anderson. "That's really the hardest thing for the whole family."

Keith Anderson left his home last Wednesday. His wife found his cell phone in a mud puddle by the house, but no other sign of her husband.

Chris Anderson said aside from the errand, his brother had "no plans."

"In fact, when he left he didn't bring anything with him, he just left in his truck," he said. "And if I remember right, he was going to take some stuff to the dump, and that was it."

Keith Anderson guided Shannah McGinnis through Anacortes High School, and inspired her to attend college.

"When I read it (the news) on Facebook, I was almost crying. He was such a great guy that I don't see any bad things happening to him," she said. "He needs to be home with his family."

Keith Anderson drives a white, canopy-topped 1999 Ford Ranger pickup truck with license plate B08111F.

Family members speculate he may have gone to the Arlington area, and police are searching those areas.

"We really don't know. We've got state patrol looking for his vehicle and looking for him. We have no idea what's going on," said Chris Anderson.

Anyone with information on Keith Anderson's whereabouts is urged to contact Anacortes police immediately.