Injured man: Monster Jam's new safety measures inadequate

Injured man: Monster Jam's new safety measures inadequate
TACOMA, Wash. -- Monster Jam is back at the Tacoma Dome with new safety guidelines in place following a tragic incident that left a young boy dead.

But according to a man who got seriously hurt during the incident, the new restrictions don't fix a thing.

Six-year-old Sebastian Hizey was killed when pieces of a truck's drive shaft shattered and flew into the stands during a show last year.

An Edgewood man who was also injured has filed a complaint claiming the show's promoter knows "the drive shaft and drive shaft cages break apart and hurl large pieces of metal into the arena stands at high speed."

The promoter, Feld Entertainment, Inc., disagrees. The company said side engine blocks are now tethered to the frames. And there are remote-controlled kill switches that can stop the trucks in their tracks.

To increase the safety barrier, the promoter roped off several lower rows of seats, including the area where Hizey was killed.

But the complaint claims the promoter fosters a "culture of carelessness" and "a partying atmosphere." It says "on-the-job drinking and alcohol consumption" take place among the very employees in charge of safety.

But those who lined up to see the show didn't appear to be worried.

"People don't want to take the risk... they don't have to show up, you know," said David Arne.

"(It was a) freak accident, probably," said Brandy Redlightning. "I mean, you can't tell something's going to happen."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from the promoter. Hizey's family settled a legal claim against the promoter last summer. Its terms were not made public.