Gobble, gobble? November-esque storm arrives

Gobble, gobble? November-esque storm arrives
Updated Sunday 8:45 a.m.

SEATTLE - Turkey and yams, anyone?

Seafair is under way, but Mother Nature is more of a Thanksgiving-type mood as a pretty strong storm pushed through the Northwest for Saturday night and Sunday.

This storm is not too unusual -- for November. For late July, it's unheard of. The storm tapped into some tropical moisture (notice how muggy it is out there?) and is now parked overhead for a while.

The bulk of the moisture and its heavy rain fell Saturday night. Rain gauges in the Olympic Mountains show up to 3" of rain fell, while the North Cascade gauges registered about 1.5 inches.

Flood Watches remain in effect for the Skagit and Skokomish Rivers, but we're hoping that since river levels are starting from a lower point in the summer, we're hoping the water will stay in their banks.

In the lowlands, rain totals were running about 1/2" or so. Seattle did break their daily rainfall record for July 21 with 0.29" of rain, breaking the old record of 0.27" set in 1963. So far Sunday morning, we were at 0.28", still a little shy of the daily record of 0.33" set in 1952, but another 0.05" of rain is certainly possible.

(For record hounds, the storm's timing, with about half the rain falling before midnight and the other half after, spread out the rain total across two days instead of combining it into one day. So instead of shattering one record, we'll slightly break two records.)

We are moving up another list -- wettest Julys ever. As of 8 a.m. Sunday, we're at 1.41" of rain, good for 10th place all time (see list below). We might move up a few spots, but not too much further.

What Now?

The heavy rain appears to be over, as the main cell has moved off into British Columbia. However, the associated front is expected to remain parked over Western Washington through Sunday and into early Monday. So we'll still see occasional rain today and it'll remain really muggy, but the rainfall intensity should be light to moderate, and we should get some dry periods in between. Highs Sunday will reach the upper 60s or low 70s.

The storm begins to weaken and move off late Sunday night, leaving some lingering showers Monday amid gradual clearing. Highs Monday will stay in the low-mid 70s.

We're still holding on to dry weather for the balance of next week, with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine and highs in the upper 70s. Perhaps that's some better weather for barbecuing, because unlike late November, we won't have turkey leftovers to hold us over.

Top 10 Wettest July's Ever (Includes Sea-Tac Airport and Downtown Federal Building)

1. 2.39 INCHES 1983
2. 2.36 INCHES 1897
3. 2.10 INCHES 1955
4. 2.01 INCHES 1902
5. 1.93 INCHES 1916
6. 1.88 INCHES 1932
7. 1.53 INCHES 1948
8. 1.51 INCHES 1974
9. 1.46 INCHES 1954
10. 1.40 INCHES 1978
** We're at 1.41 as of 8 a.m. Sunday