Man claims he rented out strangers' homes to keep up property value

Man claims he rented out strangers' homes to keep up property value »Play Video
PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Peter Dodsondance admits he rented out houses that weren't his. But he claims he did it for the good of the community.

"No, we're not preying on the disadvantaged. We're not preying on anybody," said Dodsondance.

Dodsondance, who has a prior felony conviction for the thousands of dollars he owed a woman for her house, claims he took over vacant homes to make sure property values don't fall when foreclosed houses fall into disrepair.

But Eric and Ashlie Bogue say they never gave Dodsondance permission to rent their house. And neither did Linda Dieckhoff.

While trying to sell her home, Dieckhoff discovered strangers living there.

"I mean, this could be closed in a week or two. And now there's people living in my house," she said.

The lease shows it was rented by Dodsondance.

"Peter T. Dodsondance is the name on it. That's his alias," said Dieckhoff. "His actual name is Peter T. Dance, and I think the paperwork is filed under Peter T. Dance. It's not the Datsun-Dance. Datsun-Dance is what he used to run. He rented this to these people."

Those aliases appeared in trail of courthouse records in both Pierce and King counties.

In 2007, Dodsondance pleaded guilty to felony theft for taking money from an elderly woman in a real estate transaction.

Detectives looking into the case say Dodsondance has used seven different social security numbers, including that of a dead man. Now, he's in the business of renting out homes facing foreclosure.

He swears he's doing nothing wrong. He maintains he's just trying to help.

"I've sent people to their home to take care of it, not to damage it or hurt it, to take care of their home," said Dodsondance.

The state Attorney General's Office said it has received several complaints against Dodsondance.