Smallest turnout yet for Iraq war protest

Smallest turnout yet for Iraq war protest »Play Video
Anti-war protesters marched through downtown Seattle on Sunday.
SEATTLE - With so much attention focused on the health-care debate and the special session lately, an important anniversary is passing with little fanfare.

But some protesters were out on the streets Sunday to remind Seattleites that it was exactly seven years ago that American troops invaded Iraq.

In years past, the crowds have been larger and louder. But the anti-war protesters who turned out were just as committed as ever, still pushing for change.

"Ss long as we have troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have to be out here to make sure they get home as fast as possible," says Bob Trutnau of Lake Forest Park.

For many of the protesters, there were concerns that a lot of Americans are becoming more and more apathetic about our nation's two wars.

And there was plenty of debate about what's been accomplished by those wars.

"Nothing. Nothing - all we've done is kill and maim and injure and destroy. For what?" says Leaann Strand of Renton.

The size of the U.S. force is supposed to fall from 100,000 to 50,000 by the end of this summer in Iraq - part of President Obama's pledge to pull out combat operations.

But skepticism runs high that will happen, even with a Democrat in the White House.

"Are they going to leave an occupying force? I don't know. I'm dubious. When America gets involved with that much oil, I question exactly what's going on," says Dave Meeds of Monroe.

With much of the nation's attention centered on health-care reform and the dismal economy, this anniversary is passing with little fanfare - and with many people less than optimistic on the chances for peace.

"We have such a military industrial complex. People's jobs are wrapped around the military. War is a job. And I don't see an easy out," says Lynne Greenwald of Tacoma. "It's up to people. People have to stand up and say no."