Seattle 4th of July fireworks -- The show will go on!

Seattle 4th of July fireworks -- The show will go on!
Photo courtesy Flickr user luisar
SEATTLE -- The show will go on.

The organizer of the annual Independence Day fireworks display at Gas Works Park says the community has raised the $500,000 necessary to put on the show.

"With generous donations from local businesses large and small, and from hundreds of individuals, we've achieved our target of $500,000 in just over one day," show organizer OneReel said in a statement.

OneReel had announced on Wednesday that the show would be canceled for 2010 due to lack of a title sponsor. Seattle-based bank Washington Mutual had been the sponsor of the show for eight years before it collapsed in 2008. Chase, which absorbed Washington Mutual, agreed to sponsor the show for one year.

But Chef Tom Douglas paired with radio host Dave Ross in staging a community effort to raise the needed funds, each kicking in $5,000 to get the ball rolling. Thursday, Starbucks and Microsoft said they would each be putting up $125,000 in matching donations, and late Thursday night, Paul Allen's company Vulcan donated $50,000 for the event.

Their donations joined dozens of pledges from people and local businesses ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

They were facing a Monday deadline to raise the cash because show producers said they had a lot of fixed deadlines with barge permits and event safety planning.

One Reel says they are still hopeful a sponsor can be signed for 2011 and beyond.