Pickup line: Service takes you and your car home

Pickup line: Service takes you and your car home
SEATTLE -- They are the two guys who want to take you home from the bar.

"I'd say the first reaction we get right away is, 'Wow, this is a fantastic idea,'" said Chris Royer, co-owner of CarGozz.

CarGozz, which launched in February, is designated driver-meets-traditional taxi service.

"I'm going to bring you and your vehicle home," said co-owner Joe Aboubakr.

Here's how the service works: you call CarGozz and schedule a pickup. Two people arrive. One drives you and your party home in your car, and the second follows in a "chaser" car. Once everyone is home safely, the employees take off in the company car.

Aboubakr says he came up with the idea after working years in the restaurant and bar industry, and seeing far too many people try to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

"I just kind of wish everyone would be a little more safer on the roads," Aboubakr said. "People need to start making a better decision."

"Sometimes you don't really plan your whole night out," said Larry Horning of Bothell, who used the service to get to her Bothell home from Kirkland. "For me, it's just peace of mind, knowing my car is home."

The service costs a minimum of $35 ($25 for a pickup, and $2.50 for each mile), although the owners point out you can save money by becoming a regular member. They also argue you cannot put a price tag on saving a life.

"Of course, it's a business, and it would be foolish to say it's not," Aboubakr said, "but, I really, when we pick people up, I think, 'Hey, you know, maybe we saved a life tonight.'"

"It doesn't just benefit us. It doesn't just benefit them," added Royer. "It benefits the police department. It benefits hospitals. It benefits the overall safety of everybody else involved."

The service, which started on the Eastside, has expanded to downtown Seattle. It runs Wednesday through Saturday, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Advanced reservations are encouraged.