Seattle-bound plane makes emergency landing in Sioux Falls

SEA-TAC AIRPORT -- A Seattle-bound plane from Washington, D.C. had to make an emergency landing on Wednesday.

United Airlines Flight 917 made an unscheduled stop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota after the smell of smoke spread through the cabin.

"You could smell it. You could feel it in your eyes. (I thought) 'There is something seriously wrong up here. Lets get this thing down," said passenger Roger Tilton. "I fly a lot. (For a) couple minutes there, I thought this might be the last one."

The Boeing 757, which was carrying 166 passengers, landed safely at the destination flight crews decided was the closest and best option under the circumstances.

United Airlines dispatched a plane loaded with a maintenance crew from Chicago to Sioux Falls to investigate the plane. It could take hours before they figure out just what went wrong with the plane.

The passengers were to be flown to Sea-Tac Airport in a different plane.