Victim's father: Killing wasn't in self-defense

Victim's father: Killing wasn't in self-defense »Play Video
LACEY, Wash. -- The father of the woman who was killed at the hands of her husband says any claims of self-defense on the husband's part are pure lies.

Winter Plummer's body was found inside a storage crate after her soldier husband admitted he'd killed his wife and hid her body there.

Sgt. Sheldon Plummer told detectives his wife came at him with a knife during an argument, prompting him to strangle her to death.

But the woman's father, Carlos Goseyun, says detectives told him Sheldon Plummer doesn't have any knife wounds, and Winter Plummer doesn't have any marks on her neck to show she tried to fight being strangled by a rope.

"If she was strangled, (how come) there are no marks from her to take that cord or belt off of her neck?" said Goseyun.

Investigators have neither confirmed nor denied the father's belief that the autopsy shows she may have been knocked unconscious before she was strangled. But they have revealed she does have a head wound from having been hit with something.

"It sounds like he hit her on the head, knocked her out and choked her just to finish the job," said the grief-stricken father.

Goseyun is left with the heart-breaking task of trying to recreate his daughter's death.

Winter Plummer died Feb. 19, but her death wasn't uncovered until last Friday when the soldier walked into the Thurston County Sheriff's Office and confessed to the crime. Sheldon Plummer told detectives he'd kept her body hidden in the storage crate for two months.

Goseyun says his daughter and her husband had a rocky marriage, and often argued over his son-in-law's alleged infidelity.

Asked why his daughter, if so distrustful of her husband, didn't leave him, Goseyun said, "She was basically held here, because her husband threatened to have custody of Taylor."

Taylor Plummer is the couple's daughter, who turned 2 on Wednesday.

"Where's the guy's conscience, you know? Even in the court, you see his face and you don't see any sign of remorse on him," said Goseyun.

The killed woman's father is eager to return to the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona with his daughter's body.

Winter Plummer, 27, served in the Army, and even completed a tour of duty in Iraq. She left the service to be a full-time mother for her daughter.

But Goseyun won't be able to lay his daughter to rest anytime soon. A court hold has been placed on her body so the defense could conduct its own autopsy.

And even when the autopsy is completed, Shelton Plummer has first claim to her remains, since he's the husband and presumed innocent. Legislators are working to change the law that entitles him to her remains as a spouse.