Final roll call for 7 fallen officers in nation's capital

Final roll call for 7 fallen officers in nation's capital
WASHINGTON - All week long, those serving and protecting us have been honored in our nation's capital.

Special attention was paid to seven officers from Western Washington who died in the line of duty.

The names of all seven have been in the headlines - and now all seven are set in stone. They are among 116 officers who died in the line of duty last year who were officially added to a national memorial.

One of those who attended was Pat Stafford, the mother of Kent Mundell, who was shot to death four days before Christmas after he and a partner responded to a domestic violence call.

"His loss is so fresh, and he was just such a beautiful person," says his mother. "Truly he was a great guy - and that's not because he was my son. That's just how he lived his life."

For the husband of Lakewood officer Tina Griswold - it's hard to find the words in the aftermath of her killing.

"Such an honor, to honor Tina like that, to have her included ... hard," he says, struggling with his emotions.

During a candlelight vigil, special tribute was paid to the Lakewood four.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says, "It is believed they were targeted, shot and murdered - simply because of the uniforms that they wore, and the public service that they provided."

Seattle Officer Brit Sweeney's visit to the wall brings back memories of that terrible night when her partner Tim Brenton was shot and killed as they were sitting in their patrol car.

"I absolutely won't lie about that," she says. "Last night as I stood there, I thought to myself, 'My goodness - how close was I to being on this wall?'"

And one by one, their names were read at a final roll call ...

"Greg Richards ... "

"Mark Renninger ... "

"Tina Griswold ... "

"Timothy Q. Brenton ... "

"Ronald Owens ... "

"Steven Michael Gallagher ... "

"Walter Kent Mundell ... "

All forever heroes - here at home and in our nation's capitol.


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