Two fallen Ft. Lewis Green Berets mourned

Two fallen Ft. Lewis Green Berets mourned »Play Video
RENTON - The Green Berets stationed at Fort Lewis are mourning the loss of two of their own. Both special forces soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

The Army's Special Forces go to great lengths to honor their fellow Green Berets who've fallen in action. Now they have to honor two more.

Sgt. First Class Adrian Elizalde and Sgt. First Class Michael Tully are both from Fort Lewis, and both died Thursday when a roadside bomb exploded in Iraq.

Sgt. Elizalde leaves behind his little daughter Sydney Grace, and his parents and family in Renton.

Sgt. Tully leaves behind his wife Heather and 12-year son Slade. Both were from Company C, 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group.

The special forces soldiers have been in the fight against terrorism from the very beginning. It was a Fort Lewis Green Beret who was the first American soldier to be killed.

Sgt. Nathan Chapman was killed in January of 2002 in Afghanistan. His fellow Green Berets wanted to make sure his death did not go unnoticed. The Fort Lewis unit did likewise for Sgt. Jeremy Wright two years later. And there's no doubt the same tributes will now be paid to Sgts. Elizalde and Tully.

We're still waiting to hear form Fort Lewis as to when a memorial will be held on Post.