Sources: SPD chief decision imminent

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John Diaz, left, and Ron Davis, right, are the two finalists for the Seattle police chief position.
SEATTLE -- Will it be Diaz or Davis?

That's the question looming over City Hall. Some city insiders say the mayor may choose the new police chief as early as Tuesday.

On Monday, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn met with candidate Interim Seattle Police Chief John Diaz, but Diaz insists it was a "regular meeting."

When asked whether he was concerned about his chances, Interim Seattle Police Chief John Diaz said, "I'm not discussing that.

"I have real work to do right now, and that's dealing with these issues."

There are many issues on the table that await the city's next police chief, including a surge in violence in Belltown.

McGinn remained tight-lipped on the selection process, and would not leave his office to address the issue on Monday.

"The decision will be made whenever the decision is made, so it's not something I'm concerning myself about," said Diaz.

But many have expressed concern about the search. Sources have told KOMO News some Seattle City Council members won't confirm the mayor's pick if he chooses Davis, the police chief in East Palo Alto, Calif.

Still, in the wake of high-profile incidents like last week's police punch caught on tape, some city leaders feel change needs to come from the outside.

"I personally believe that incidents show that leadership is going to need to come from outside the department, but it is the mayor's call," said Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes last week.

The mayor remained mum on Monday, but Diaz said he had a "straightforward discussion" with Holmes about his remarks.

"Frankly, I don't agree with any of them," Diaz said. "I have a great department. We have a great command staff. Whatever he thinks of me personally, that's his issues."

Sources also told KOMO News the city council recognizes the decision belongs to the mayor, but council members don't want a long, drawn-out confirmation process.