So, this is what 75 degrees feels like!

So, this is what 75 degrees feels like!
SEATTLE -- Finally, a nine-month wait is over...

At 3:30 p.m., the temperature climbed to 75 degrees in Seattle Wednesday on its way to a high of 77, the first time since an 81-degree day on Sept. 23 that we've been this warm. It officially ends a streak of 273 days below 75 degrees.

That streak is nearly three weeks longer than the previous 75-less streak of 254, set between 1999 and 2000.

The long, cool stretch of weather has a chance to rewrite several other records.

But now, some in the city are ready to celebrate. At Slices Deli & Espresso in the South Lake Union area of Seattle, they have been promising to cut 75% off the price of sandwiches and give 75 cents off ice cream cones for 24 hours when Seattle hits 75 degrees. Others have finally dusted off the short-sleeve shirts.

For those interested in keeping streaks alive, you can start your own "80 watch" as we are quite high on the list of latest dates to reach 80 degrees as well. The record for Sea-Tac Airport is July 21 in 1980. Right now as of June 23, we are tied for 7th latest date... and counting.

Speaking of "and counting", this "summer" stretch is going to be short-lived, as we enter another cool, showery stretch on Thursday that is expected to keep high temperatures under 70 for the next week at least.

So, we hope you warm-weather fans got to enjoy today!