Chilling 911 call captures heartbreak of stabbed girl's mother

Chilling 911 call captures heartbreak of stabbed girl's mother »Play Video
Clare Louise Shelswell
HOODSPORT, Wash. -- In the moments after her husband allegedly slit her 5-year-old daughter's throat, Sarah Wilson, a nurse by profession, tried desperately to save the girl's life.

In a released recording of the 911 call, Sarah Wilson can be heard hysterically screaming and crying as she tries to calm herself and comfort her daughter.

Wilson:"My daughter's throat has just been cut. I need you to come right now! I can't stop the bleeding."

911 operator: "OK, what's the address?"

Wilson: "I don't know. Near Cushman Lake. I don't know! I don't know where!"

911 operator: "Ma'am, you need to calm down and give me an address, or we can't come."

Wilson: "North Cushman Lake- she's bleeding so much, I can't stop it. Oh, my God! Oh, my God...Oh my God, my baby."

911 operator: "Keep pressure on it, please."

Wilson: "You have to come right now."

911 operator: "Ma'am, we're getting people en route right now, OK? ... Hang on. We're dispatching the fire department right now."

Wilson: (panting) "You have to come now, please."

911 operator: "Ma'am, they are. Please keep pressure on that wound. Don't take anything off of it."

Wilson: "Oh, my God, please. I don't think she's breathing."

The family from British Columbia was on vacation near Lake Cushman when Peter Wilson and his wife began arguing about discipline on Sunday. According to court documents, Wilson he told his wife not to worry and that he would "take care of it."

Wilson took the girl downstairs and his wife ran after them when she heard screaming. She told investigators that she ran into the room and saw her daughter in a pool of blood clutching her throat.

Sarah Wilson tried to calm her emotions as she explained to the 911 operator what had just happened.

911 operator: "How did this happen?"

Wilson: "My husband took a knife to her throat."

911 operator: "Your husb- purposely?"

Wilson: "Yes."

911 operator: "Where is he now?"

Wilson: "He's here, but he's away from her."


911 operator: "Does he still have the weapon, ma'am?"

Wilson: "No, he does not."

911 operator: "OK, where is the weapon?"

Wilson: "It's on the floor in the kitchen - where I am, not where he is."

911 operator: "OK, where is he in the house?"

Wilson: "He's sitting in the next room, but he's pretty docile right now."

911 operator: "OK, why is he so docile?"

Wilson: "Probably because he's in shock over what he just did."

But as Wilson, cradling her daughter in her arms, waited for medics to arrive, she noticed her daughter had stopped breathing.

Wilson: "She is not breathing."

911 operator: "OK, then you're going to get her some air. Is there anybody else there who can hold that bandage on while you tilt the head back and give her CPR?"

Wilson: "Yeah, but I'm going to have to keep the phone down."

911 operator: "OK, just keep it as close to you as you can, and let me know what's going on."


Wilson: "Nothing is getting through to her chest. When I breathe through her mouth, it is all exiting out through the gash in her throat."

The young girl, identified as Clare Louise Shelswell, died at the scene.

Both parents said Peter Wilson was bipolar and on medication.

Sarah Wilson released a statement on Monday in which she called her daughter's death the "hardest thing I have ever had to deal with."

She asked that her family be left to grieve in peace and expressed thanks to the medics and police involved in the incident.

The girl's 29-year-old father allegedly admitted to detectives that he killed the girl with a kitchen knife. He has been booked into the Mason County Jail for investigation of first-degree murder and was ordered held on $3 million bail.