Family put on edge by message of swastikas

Family put on edge by message of swastikas
MILL CREEK, Wash. -- One family is nervous and afraid after finding out someone had plastered their car with an unnerving message for the second time.

The family woke up on Thursday morning to find the teenage daughter's sports utility vehicle covered with 11 spray-painted swastikas.

"Anna", the mother, said she sees the 11 swastikas as 11 warnings as it's the second time the family has been targeted.

On Sunday, Anna's husband was targeted. Someone had spray-painted the word, "I eat jews."

I'm not gonna tolerate that. That's not why I came to this country," she said.

Anna's family is Jewish. They left the former Soviet Union 27 years ago and when they did, they thought they left behind hatred as well.

"My grandmother's family perished in the Holocaust, so it brings all kinds of emotions," she said.

Neighbors believe it's a crime against the community as well.

"I think it's just sick what people do," said "Kevin", a neighbor.

"Who would do such a thing, who would do such a thing?," said "Erika", another neighbor.

Mill Creek police have a person of interest they are talking to. But until they can prove that it is in fact a hate crime by proving the offender's intent, they're calling this a vandalism investigation.

"When I see swastikas all over I see a hate crime," Anna said.

Anna said she has lived in her neighborhood for 19 years without incident and said she doesn't know of anyone who would target her family.

She said she doesn't need to wait on the police investigation to find out why this happened.

"I feel a hate crime," she said.