Rape victim: 'I had to cooperate or I would die'

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The rape victim tells her story of survival.
KENT, Wash. - A woman was held at knifepoint and raped for hours by a suspect who's still on the run - and now the victim is speaking out for the first time.

She tells KOMO News she wants to speak out to help catch the suspect - and she wants other women to learn from her story of survival.

The victim, a single mom, says she was simply trying to help a recent acquaintance, but it turned into a night of brutality.

She said Monday night's ordeal began when she agreed to take John Alan Carter to the home where he'd been house-sitting. She'd met him a few months earlier at a support group and had given rides to him before.

But this time, she says, he enticed her inside the house - and attacked.

"Went and looked at the garden and came back inside - and all of a sudden he snapped," she says.

She says he punched and strangled her, but she fought back.

"And that's when the knife came out, and ... at that point I thought I had to cooperate or I really would die," she says.

 John Alan Carter

She says he tied her up and gagged her, and for 2 1/2 hours he sexually brutalized her.

"And I got tied up and just totally abused. ... And I didn't get out of the house until he decided he wanted money, and I figured it was for drugs."

For another hour she says he kept her tied up, and they drove all over South King County before stopping at a cash machine in Renton where he wanted her to withdraw money from her account.

"I grabbed that $400 and said a few choice words - it basically was, 'I'm done. You no longer have control of me.' And I just started making a scene," she says.

She says he fled in her car - a 2008 blue Jeep Liberty 293 XTS. Now police are now looking for him - and she's telling her story to help catch him.

"He is a cruel evil. ... I think he's a psychopath. I equate him to like Ted Bundy."

What does she want to say to Carter?

"I'm a Christian, so I'm not even sure what I would say to him. 'How dare you do the evil cruel things you did to me?'

It turns out that Carter had just gotten out of prison after serving time for attacking another woman with a knife.