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Local Oregon promotes prison visits to combat recidivism
When they read a study that suggested inmates who were visited by their families while in prison were significantly less likely to return to prison, officials in the Oregon Department of Corrections crunched their numbers and found about 60 percent of the state's inmates never received a visitor.
Local Truck slams into McDonald's patio; 4 to hospital
Police in Longview, Wash., say a pickup truck that ran a red light collided with two other vehicles and then ran up onto a fence surrounding an outdoor eating area at a McDonald's restaurant. The pickup driver, a woman seated at an outdoor restaurant table and two others were taken to a hospital.
Local 2 Seattle K-9 siblings track suspects 2 Seattle K-9 siblings track suspects
Seattle police say two K-9 crime-busting siblings tracked down suspects in two different cases within hours of each other.
Local Local brewers bring home gold from 'Beer Olympics'(Video)
Three local brewers brought home gold medals at the recently completed 2014 World Beer Cup, considered to be the most prestigious beer contests in the world. It's often called the Olympics of Beer because it takes place every two years and features the best brews from all over the world.