Basketball coach loses job after players investigated for sex crimes

Basketball coach loses job after players investigated for sex crimes
OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A sex crime investigation into basketball players at an Olympia high school has cost the 22-year coach his job. The coach himself is not involved in the crime, but is being reprimanded for failing to supervise the students who were.

Even though Doug Galloway reported the inappropriate activity as soon as he learned of it, the district says his days as coach of the Capital High boys' basketball team are done.

The problems arose at Western Washington University where Galloway took his team for a summer basketball camp. Galloway left his players for a few hours to attend a coach's social event, and while he was gone, two upper-classmen are suspected of forcing sexual contact with younger players.

"It's a horrible event. I wish it had never taken place," Galloway said. "I feel for everybody involved."

Galloway thought he left the team in good hands because an assistant coach was still around, as well as college players acting as chaperones.

"When I left that evening, I felt comfortable the kids would be safe," Galloway said. "There were people there to watch them and make sure they would be as safe as possible."

Even though Galloway reported the incident as soon as he found out, the school district still believes he must be held accountable. At the same time, the district plans to keep Galloway as the coach of the girls' golf team and as a P.E. instructor.

Does Galloway think the district was sending mixed messages?

"I really want to be able to continue teaching," he said. "I really want to be able to continue coaching. So realistically, I feel thankful they're still allowing me to do those things."

The Whatcom County prosecutor has declined to file any criminal charges against the students involved. The district says the students did receive academic discipline, but refused to offer any details.