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Boeing and union leaders meet, but not to negotiate

Boeing and union leaders meet, but not to negotiate
Boeing photo of the 777X
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SEATTLE -- Boeing CEO Ray Conner met with members of the machinist union on Tuesday for a "feedback session," but Conner said no negotiations took place.

The meeting, which also included union president Tom Wroblewski, was the first between Boeing and union leaders since the machinists voted by a 2-1 margin to reject an 8-year year contract extension, according to a union news release.

Wroblewski said the union is open to further negotiations about building the Boeing 777X in Washington, but "no proposals were exchanged" during Tuesday's meeting.

Conner also made a point of mentioning that no negotiations took place.

"Boeing did meet with the union today," he said in an email to KOMO News. "We have regular conversations with the IAM on a variety of topics. We are not in negotiations."

At least a half-dozen states are now vying for Boeing's attention as the aircraft giant selects a production site for its new 400-seat 777X jetliner.

Boeing Co. solicited bids from a number of states in November, and bidders have until mid-December to act, company spokesman Doug Alder Jr. said Tuesday.
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