Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Oubou  I'm a Couch Cuddler!
  • Harry the Snaggle Toothed Sweetheart and Claudio the Grumpy Faced Sweetie
  • Westy  A Handsome Fellow
  • Oubou  I'm a Couch Cuddler!
  • Billy -  Heart-Bandit!
  • Cougar
  • Tony  Cat-and-a-Half!
  • Seasons  Loves Chin Rubs!
Oubou I'm a Couch Cuddler!
Meet Oubou, a 12-year-old long-hair kitty with big, bright yellow eyes who loves to be around humans. She'll follow you around from one room to another just to enjoy your presence and lie down near you. Oubou doesn't like change a lot so she may be reserved at first, but once she feels comfortable she won't hesitate to hop into your lap when she's ready for some attention. Let her take the lead asking for pets and scratches, or let her enjoy being brushed. She'll respond with warmth, trust and lots of purrs and jump down when she's had enough. Oubou is a quiet lady who stays out of trouble but likes to have some play time with felt mice once in awhile. This independent and inquisitive beauty would prefer to be the only pet in your home, where she can head-bump your furniture and explore nooks and crannies to her heart's content. -