Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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ShebaLouise  Sweetheart Sheba!
  • Billy -  Heart-Bandit!
  • Cougar
  • Tony  Cat-and-a-Half!
  • Seasons  Loves Chin Rubs!
  • ShebaLouise  Sweetheart Sheba!
  • Sicily  Snuggly Sicily!
  • Blue  Sweet Baby Blue
ShebaLouise Sweetheart Sheba!
Introducing ShebaLouise, a beautiful 4-year-old sweetheart who would love to meet you. "Shebahh" as she's known by her foster mom is a wonderful cat who's ready to make a fresh start! She came to Seattle Humane, pregnant and with her daughter who was nursing kittens of her own. After spending a couple months in foster care with her kittens, she moved to another foster home who's working on helping Sheba feel more relaxed. -