Mom turns detective to find thief who ransacked their home

Mom turns detective to find thief who ransacked their home

SHORELINE, Wash. -- "Oh, he looks so nice," said Tracy Cameron watching surveillance video of a strange man knocking repeatedly knocking on her front door. "He could have been an Eagle Scout."

Instead, Cameron found out looks can be deceiving.

Cameron is a physician who became a stay-at-home mom after her children were born. Now, she has an added job.

"I'm a detective this week," she said. Ten minutes after she and her husband each drove a child to school, cameras clearly captured a young blonde man wearing a Russell Wilson shirt and earbuds knocking on her door. Cameron suspects he was talking on his cellphone to an accomplice in a car down the street from their Shoreline home.

The man walks around to a backyard door, never even trying the front door knob. There was no sign of forced entry. Cameron said it looked like he was holding a key to her home or maybe a bump key for picking the lock.

"This is new construction," she said. "Since it happened, been told by a lot of people should have changed all your doors. Pretty common, apparently."

After a half hour inside, the guy walks out Cameron's front door carrying her laundry basket full of belongings.

"There's my pillow cases full with all my stuff. Goodbye," she said watching the crime on tape. Cameron came home to find iPads, iPods, cameras, Kindles and jewelry gone.

"It's just gut wrenching," she said. "Oh, there's our big computer."

A smile on the stranger's face as he hauls off a load adds salt to the wound, but Cameron is not just sitting idly by. She's taking to Facebook to find her thief.

"One person said, 'My husband saw this and said without a doubt, it's a guy I bought a computer from off Craigslist,' " she said. She is sharing her video with mom groups.

She believes a yard worker who saw the door open may have scared off thieves. Cameron says she's now more vigilant, more likely to set her house alarm even if she's nearby, and more motivated to catch a thief than retrieve her goods.