City of Pacific blames ex-mayor for loss of $1 million

City of Pacific blames ex-mayor for loss of $1 million »Play Video

PACIFIC, Wash. -- The troubled town of Pacific just found one million more problems.

"The waste has been tremendous," said Tracey Apata.

Apata has been part of a vocal group in Pacific trying to reform the town's woes.Former mayor Cy Sun was thrown out of office amid controversial firings, his own arrest and nearly losing the city's insurance coverage.

Then came a new revelation.

"There were a lot of things that we saw. We knew that more would come to light," she said.

The council learned Monday night that two grants totaling $1 million have completely fallen through. One would have gone for trail improvements, while the other would have helped with infrastructure repairs along one of the main roads in town.

"The money had been awarded to the city, but since there had been no activity, no reporting, nothing done on it, that money got pulled back," said current Mayor Leanne Guier.

Guier said it appears that before he left office, Sun told state and federal agencies not to work with the city on the grants.

"There was no staff to administer that. He refused to hire the staff that needed to do that," she said.

Sun was not at home Tuesday night and has been off the radar since his recall.

A high level city source says rules were not broken and there is not criminal wrongdoing. It was described as more of a blunder and missed chance to spend aid.

Guier said the council will attempt to get other grants rolling again in the future, while she tries to fix the problems that have been left behind.

"It's a heartbreaker. That's a lot of money," she said.