Crews reach key step in Hwy. 520 bridge replacement

Crews reach key step in Hwy. 520 bridge replacement »Play Video
Artist's rendering of the new 520 bridge. (WSDOT photo)
MEDINA, Wash. - After 10 years of talk, there is finally proof Thursday morning that work has started on the Highway 520 replacement bridge.

State Department of Transportation crews towed a huge barge in place overnight - a key step into putting the new bridge together. The huge barge, now floating on Lake Washington, has a crane and all kinds of equipment.

In June, the replacement pontoons for the floating bridge will be towed to an adjacent area. The new pontoons - 77 of them - are being built right now in Aberdeen.

The largest are more than a football field long, as tall as a three-story building and weigh the equivalent of 275 fully loaded tractor trailers stacked on top of each other.

The new bridge will be retro in design - it will be wider - and people will be able to walk across the bridge.

As for the construction barges - crews will be using them to dredge and install new anchors into the bed of Lake Washington.

The work isn't expected to disrupt traffic at all.