Family: Renton girl's death 'makes no sense and never will'

Family: Renton girl's death 'makes no sense and never will' »Play Video
Friends of Jessica Scholl mourn her death at Sunday's memorial service.
RENTON, Wash. - It was a heartbreaking story of violence that likely resulted from a teenage breakup, and now 19-year-old Jarod Lane stands accused of killing his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend Jessica Scholl.

And on Sunday, hundreds packed into Lindbergh High School in Renton to heal and to honor a young life lost.

Friends and family say there was just something about Jessica Scholl.

"Jessica was the highlight to everybody's day," says her close friend Whitney Davis.

She was remembered as a fashionista, beach lover, karaoke singer - a 100 percent American teenage girl.

 Jessica Scholl

One of her teachers, Kara Crum, adds, "Jessica exemplified life, love, laughter and a belief in seeing the best in everything - even loss."

"She lived to text to her friends and was an intense Wii player - Mario Kart was her specialty," says Paul Harvey, Jessica's uncle.

Jessica's friends at Lindbergh High say Jessica couldn't get enough of them - and they couldn't get enough of her.

"I met Jess in sixth grade," says Whitney Davis. "Whenever we would hang out, we always knew that as soon as someone would start giggling, it would be full-blown laughter and no stopping it."

And like many 17-year-old girls, she had a boyfriend of a couple years - Jarod Lane. But she ended that relationship last month, and a week later police say Lane killed Jessica, then set fire to a couch in her Renton home to cover it all up.

"Don't try to understand. Makes no sense - and never will," says her uncle Paul Harvey.

Jarod Lane was picked up in Oklahoma after a news crew spotted him on the side of an interstate highway. He's now charged with first-degree murder and first-degree arson.

"Things like this are not supposed to happen," says Harvey.

Friends and family are finding comfort now in Jessica's own words - "live with no regrets and know that you cannnot undo what's been done."

"She was here but just a moment, like a nighttime shooting star, and though she's in heaven - she isn't very far," says Kara Crum.