Guilty verdict in murder of 12-year-old Skyway boy

Guilty verdict in murder of 12-year-old Skyway boy
Curtis J. Walker
SEATTLE - A 35-year-old Kent man was convicted Thursday of killing a 12-year-old Skyway boy by shooting him in the back as he was walking home from the store.

Curtis J. Walker, 35, was found guilty of first-degree murder by a King County Superior Court jury in the shooting death of 12-year-old Alajawan Brown.

"I just hope he feels like the ends justifies the means for what he's done," said Alajawan's mother Ayanna Brown. "Even thought he's guilty, my son is still gone, he's not here."

Alajawan was shot in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store on April 29, 2010. During the trial, prosecutors said Walker shot and killed the boy when he confused him with a rival gang member.

Just prior to the shooting, Walker and a friend nicknamed "D-Ro" got into a possibly gang-related gunfight in Skyway, according to prosecutors.

As the two friends fled the scene, Walker allegedly spotted Alajawan a block away.

"The defendant shot him, mistaking him for somebody else," said prosecutor Jessica Berliner.

Alajawan had just stepped off a bus and had nothing to do with the gun battle that erupted just minutes before. The boy happened to be wearing a blue windbreaker, and prosecutors say Walker thought he was a rival gang member.

 Alajawan Brown

"It explains why when he saw Alajawan, dressed in blue, he decided to kill him," Berliner said.

Defense attorneys told jurors that "D-Ro" is the real killer, but the state has invested too much in him as a witness against Walker and won't back down.

But jurors evidently didn't buy that argument.

Court documents say after Alajawan was shot outside the 7-Eleven, there was a hit-and-run accident a short distance away involving a black Cadillac that fled the scene. A witness recorded the license plate and detectives found the car was registered to the wife of Curtis Walker.

A short time later, a man was spotted dumping suspicious items in a field, then returning to the Cadillac. Police were called and recovered three handguns, including the .38 revolver that detectives later determined was used at the 7-Eleven shooting.

DNA processed from the gun's trigger and bullets in the casing were a match to Walker, documents said.

Walker faces up to 40 years in prison when sentenced.