State House votes unanimously to pass 'Blue Alert' bill

State House votes unanimously to pass 'Blue Alert' bill
OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Just hours after honoring fallen trooper Tony Radulescu, the state legislature took a big step toward enacting a law meant to help catch cop killers.

On Wednesday evening, House lawmakers voted 98-0 to pass a Blue Alert bill.

Like an Amber Alert for missing children, the Blue Alert would let the public know when to be on the lookout for a cop killer.

On the eve of the memorial for Radulescu, lawmakers invited his family to the capitol so they could pay tribute to the fallen trooper and all law enforcement.

"It is a sad day for the Washington State Patrol family," said Sen. Tracey Eide. "It's a sad day for the Washington state family, all of us."

Until last week, the Blue Alert bill was stalled in the House Ways and Means Committee because of its $100,000 price tag. But Radulescu's tragic death breathed new life into the issue.

Police wife Keriann Shumate has been fighting for the bill for years and didn't think it would pass this session.

"And it's only been emphasized, unfortunately, by the death of yet another police officer," she said.

While supporters like Shumate are happy the house has acted so decisively on the bill, they also know time is running out to get it through the Senate.

With only eight days left in the session, lawmakers will have to work quickly to pass the bill.

Even with the time crunch, Eide said she believes the bill will become law.

"But on an issue like this, I'll need a two-thirds vote and I'm pretty sure we probably could get it," she said. "But with something this horrific, we really do need to make sure our -- I call them America's Finest -- are taken care of."