Raccoon attack leaves woman with more than 100 cuts

Raccoon attack leaves woman with more than 100 cuts
LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- Michaela Lee was jogging with her dog near her Lakewood home Monday when she was viciously attacked by a pair of raccoons.

Lee, who lives just a few hundred feet from a trail to Fort Steilacoom Park, walks or jogs in the area every day.

During her jog on Monday, Lee saw two raccoons scale a tree. In a blink, her dog, Maddy, broke loose and chased after them. Lee followed, and quickly ran into trouble when the raccoons turned on her.

"I was trying to run for the neighbor's front door, but the raccoons were between my legs and tripped me," she said. "I fell to the ground, and they were on me."

The attack was brutal, leaving her with more than 100 lacerations and scratches, along with 16 puncture wounds.

"I've never seen anything like it. It was horrible to watch," said neighbor Leonard Goelz.

Lee said the only thing worse than the actual attack was the treatment she endured afterward.

"I had to get an injection in every single puncture wound. And the only ones that were numbed were the ones that were so opened up they had to be stapled together," she said.

She still has to get rabies shots, but Lee said she's already walked the trail again and plans on keeping her daily routine. Her boyfriend also got her a can of pepper spray, just in case she runs in to the raccoons again.

As for those raccoons, Lee harbors no ill will.

"I do feel for them a little bit," she said. "I mean, they are running out of places to live and they are in our backyard, but I prefer not to see them again."

The trail is used by kids and seniors, and Lee said she'd she'd like to see the raccoons relocated, though she doesn't think that will happen.