Local artist's exhibit gains international attention

Local artist's exhibit gains international attention
Romancing Banality at Currency Art in Seattle. Dec 7, 2013.
SEATTLE - A local artist's exhibit opened to rave reviews leading galleries worldwide to clamor for his art.

Lyle Carbajal spoke to a crowded room Saturday, discussing his inspiration for his ambitious show which combines painting, sculpture and video.

"Forging artlessness and bad painting through line and then subject and composition weaving through a reverse-eponymous mythology, all the while employing the thematic of religion and taboo, children's dreams and neuroticism, totem-ism, randomness and graffiti… I construct my playground," said the artist.

The exhibit, Romancing Banality, is a fascinating installation piece that forces onlookers to engage all senses. Each component plays carefully with each other, invoking emotion through spatial awareness. Carabajal says the images are meant to be taken literally with an intention of letting the enviroment descend on the viewer.

"These are the truths I perceive through my eyes, my journeys, and my exploration as an artist," Carbajal said.

The exhibit has been picked up by galleries in Nashville, New Orleans, and Copenhaggen, and will stay in Seattle through December. Visit the exhibit at Currency Art, located in the old Dome Stadium Tavern on 214 4th Ave. South, Seattle from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. Friday through Saturday.