Controversial mayor of Pacific arrested by his own police force

Controversial mayor of Pacific arrested by his own police force
PACIFIC, Wash. -- The controversial mayor in the small town of Pacific was arrested by his own police force Thursday as news photographers captured the action live in City Hall and bystanders hurled criticism at the arresting officers.

Mayor Cy Sun was placed under arrest at around noon after he tried to gain entry into the city clerk's office, which has been off-limits to him for some weeks now.

Sun, who was elected on a write-in vote by voters who said they wanted corruption cleaned up at City Hall, had been warned by police not to try and enter the city clerk's private office, where all the city's personnel files are kept.

Two officers were posted outside the office to keep Sun out, but he tried to push his way past them and ripped down police tape that had been placed across the doorway. The officers then handcuffed Sun and took him into custody.

"You're hurting me! You're hurting me! Let me go!" Sun said as officers clapped the cuffs on him.

During the arrest, several bystanders hurled comments toward the officers.

"You call yourselves a police department? I didn't know we had a Gestapo in Pacific," said one man.

Other bystanders told police they felt that the mayor had a perfect right to enter the city clerk's office.

"That's the law. Do you understand that?" one man said to the arresting officers.

"There aren't one of you that's read the U.S. Constitution at all, not a one of you," another man said to the officers. "You haven't read the Constitution, yet you use strong-arm tactics. I can't believe this pathetic little show."

Sun was later released about an hour later with a warning, and later admitted he had destroyed some documents -- a point he considers irrelevant.

"(I said,) 'This is rubbish,' because I had no idea. I threw it away," he said.

The council president asked the sheriff's office to investigate the destruction claims while a citizen group organized a recall effort in case the mayor doesn't step down. The mayor has said he will not resign.

"The people say I'm the boss. They voted me in," said Sun.

Both the sheriff's office and prosecutor's office are investigating, but neither is clear whether the offices have any legal authority in this case.

The arrest capped months of long-simmering tensions between Sun, members of the city council and Sun's opponents who accuse him of abusing power in the small town on the King-Pierce county line.

In the past few weeks, Sun has locked the city clerk out of her office, fired three heads of department and caused two more to quit. In response, the city council took a vote of no confidence against Sun.

For his part, Sun has refused to back down. He campaigned for the position on the platform of cleaning up City Hall, and that's exactly what he believes he's doing.

"The people were disgusted with the corruption that was going on. I came in to start to clean up the corruption," he said at a recent city council meeting.

Watch the raw video of Mayor Cy Sun's arrest: