Neighbors give thumbs down to proposed W. Seattle apartments

Neighbors give thumbs down to proposed W. Seattle apartments »Play Video
SEATTLE -- Neighbors in West Seattle are angry that two houses are being torn down to build a 30-unit apartment complex that won't include a parking garage.

The developer says the lack of parking wasn't his choice and points a finger at the city.

The two homes, located on California Avenue, will soon come down, and neighbors are none too pleased.

"I don't want to see what that's going to look like," said Jasmine Underland.

The problem, according to neighbors, is that the new apartment complex won't add any new parking spaces, and that will make finding a spot even tougher.

"Well, where are they going to park? Because if you look around now there aren't that many parking spaces," said Olivette Foster.

They blame the apartment developer, but the CEO of Blueprint Capitol, Mark Knoll, said they should be angry at the city and themselves for not speaking up.

New condos and apartments are popping up throughout West Seattle, and Knoll said that's because there's a growing demand for smaller spaces.

In order to encourage affordable housing, city laws don't require smaller apartments to build parking garages in hopes that people will use public transportation.

Still, neighbors say they'll keep trying to fight this latest apartment complex, even if the developer says it's too late.

"Well, they do have meetings about the land proposals and what to do with it," Knoll said.

Knoll said he's just following the rules and said anyone who wants to change the rules should go to the City Council with their complaints.