Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Sienna -  Tuffy is Fluffy
  • Lola -  Black and White Beauty!
  • Jynx -  Bashful Cutie
  • Sienna -  Tuffy is Fluffy
  • Gertrude -  Tiny Muffin-Maker!
  • Simba - Treat-loving Tabby!
  • Jemima - All About the Love!
  • Cleo -  Captivating Calico!
Sienna - Tuffy is Fluffy
Tuffy is a 2-year-old black and orange longhaired girlie. She is a shy girl who may look tough on the outside -but is all cuddles on the inside. She enjoys cat towers and dark places to curl up in. Tuffy takes a moment to warm up to new people but will do well in just about any setting and gets along well with her feline roommates in the Seattle Humane Society Cat Condos. Come visit her! You can pet and play with many of our adoptable kitties seven days a week! More information: