Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Gertrude -  Tiny Muffin-Maker!
  • Lola -  Black and White Beauty!
  • Jynx -  Bashful Cutie
  • Sienna -  Tuffy is Fluffy
  • Gertrude -  Tiny Muffin-Maker!
  • Simba - Treat-loving Tabby!
  • Jemima - All About the Love!
  • Cleo -  Captivating Calico!
Gertrude - Tiny Muffin-Maker!
Gertrude is a 1-year-old shorthaired black kitty who needs someone special to show her how great life can be in a loving home. She is a tiny girl who shows her contentment by making muffins - but the bustling shelter is a bit overwhelming. She likes having a kitty bed with some kind of top and will even pull it around her cubby to arrange things just to her liking. She is also quite fond of baby food (turkey or chicken with gravy). So, if you have a place in your heart for Gertrude please come to the Seattle Humane Society and see if she is the girl for you. Who knows it might just be love at first sight! More information: