Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Jemima - All About the Love!
  • Sienna -  Tuffy is Fluffy
  • Gertrude -  Tiny Muffin-Maker!
  • Simba - Treat-loving Tabby!
  • Jemima - All About the Love!
  • Cleo -  Captivating Calico!
  • Oscar - Handsome and Loving!
  • Colonel Forbin -  Loves To Be Brushed!
Jemima - All About the Love!
Meet Jemima, a 10-year old long-haired gray and white kitty who wants nothing more than to be shown affection. She was in need of some tender loving care when she arrived at Seattle Humane -- now with a tidied coat and some dental extractions, Jemima is feeling good and showing her truly loving personality. She adores attention and talks quite a bit to make sure that she gets it! And with her stylish shave and ample tummy, Jemima is absolutely irresistible to touch. If you are looking for a great companion with a heart-warming story please consider Jemima. More information: