Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Colonel Forbin -  Loves To Be Brushed!
  • Gertrude -  Tiny Muffin-Maker!
  • Simba - Treat-loving Tabby!
  • Jemima - All About the Love!
  • Cleo -  Captivating Calico!
  • Oscar - Handsome and Loving!
  • Colonel Forbin -  Loves To Be Brushed!
  • Elsa - Sweet tortie!
Colonel Forbin - Loves To Be Brushed!
Meet Colonel Forbin , a 11-year-old grey and white tabby who loves to be brushed. He may be a bit timid when you first meet him, but this mellow fellow accepts affection readily. Scratch under his chin and around his ears and watch him lean into your hand, blinking his eyes in contentment. Better yet, work the tines of a brush against his jaw, and Colonel Forbin will move his head against it to help you with his massage. He'll roll with pleasure in whatever direction necessary to get the full benefits of the brush wherever you're willing to groom him - back, flanks, or neck! More information: