Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Elsa - Sweet tortie!
  • Gertrude -  Tiny Muffin-Maker!
  • Simba - Treat-loving Tabby!
  • Jemima - All About the Love!
  • Cleo -  Captivating Calico!
  • Oscar - Handsome and Loving!
  • Colonel Forbin -  Loves To Be Brushed!
  • Elsa - Sweet tortie!
Elsa - Sweet tortie!
Meet Elsa, a confident 11-year-old black and orange tortie who will greet you with affection. She may even bring you her bag of treats for you to dispense! She likes to scale whatever she can to rub her head against your chest. You won't find her on the adoption floor though - no, she has a special, deluxe spot upstairs. She loves to lounge up high and sleep on the windowsill in the afternoon sunlight. More information: