Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Charlie -  Cuddle-Bug!
  • Charlie -  Cuddle-Bug!
  • Gizmo - Plays Hide-and-Seek!
  • Messi -  Unique Charmer
  • Emily  - Big Beautiful Eyes
  • Willy Tom - Head Butts for Attention
  • McKenzie - Thick Soft Fur
  • Rascal -  Silly and Sweet!
Charlie - Cuddle-Bug!
This adorable kitten is ready to greet you with purrs at the Seattle Humane Society! As with all kittens, this one's a bundle of energy who's ready to play, play, play! If you are looking for a friendly kitty to share your life with, then come to the Seattle Humane Society today! You two may just fall in love! -