Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Fleur - Feather-loving Fleur!
  • Uno -  She's the one!
  • Willy -  Bashful Boy
  • Paulo  - Sweet and Shy
  • Bubby -  One Happy Tabby!
  • Eloise - Enchanting Eloise
  • Fleur - Feather-loving Fleur!
  • Celery - Playful Lap Cat!
Fleur - Feather-loving Fleur!
Meet Fleur, a pretty 7 year-old dark gray female kitty with who loves being petted. She has a long soft coat, big gold eyes and a white chest patch. Fleur is a lover and just right for cuddling up with after a long day. She is a calm girl but perks right up when feather toys or laser dots come out. Please come to the Seattle Humane Society today to meet affectionate Fleur, a sweet girl who would love to be your new best friend. -