Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Celery - Playful Lap Cat!
  • Uno -  She's the one!
  • Willy -  Bashful Boy
  • Paulo  - Sweet and Shy
  • Bubby -  One Happy Tabby!
  • Eloise - Enchanting Eloise
  • Fleur - Feather-loving Fleur!
  • Celery - Playful Lap Cat!
Celery - Playful Lap Cat!
Meet Celery, an adorable 7-year-old tabby who loves any lap she can knead. This green-eyed beauty may seem reserved at first, but give her a toy mouse to chase and watch her jump, twist, and flip! While Celery may be self-entertaining, she likes having a playtime companion. You can also win her affections by offering her a session with her favorite brush, which she enjoys before a meal. Celery would do well as an only cat, though she has also integrated herself well with several kitties in her foster home, according to her foster parent. She appreciates having a routine and being given plenty of time to adjust to changes. If you're looking for a cat who's a lovely balance of sweet and spunky, let's set you up to meet her at the Seattle Humane Society! -