Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Missy - Bashful Beauty
  • Missy - Bashful Beauty
  • Napoleon - France's Cutest!
  • Gatsby -  Gatsby is Great!
  • Smudge - Easy-Going Sweetheart
  • Bootsie - Fun-Loving Girl!
  • Simba -  Treat-loving Tabby!
  • Oreo  - Pixie Ears!
Missy - Bashful Beauty
Meet Missy, a sweet 1-year-old cream and lilac point Siamese mix with irresistible blue eyes. She’s a little shy and needs a best friend to help her face the world. She will warm up quickly with a little attention. Right now she’s delighting volunteers and guests in our feline library. Visit with her today at the Seattle Humane Society and experience her gentle soul for yourself. -