Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Lucky - Drinks from Faucets!
  • Fiona -  A Gorgeous Face
  • Cammy -  Calico Cammy
  • Joey - Heart of Gold!
  • Kitty cat - Meet Miss Kitty Cat!
  • Lucky - Drinks from Faucets!
  • Flaka  - Gentle Lady
  • Cougar
Lucky - Drinks from Faucets!
Meet Lucky, an 11-year-old black and white medium-haired kitty who loves laps. According to her foster mom, Lucky hops up when you tap your knees to show her she's welcome! Lucky prefers to give and receive affection on her own terms, but when she's in the mood, she gives gentle kisses. She'll join you at the sink to drink from the faucet and appreciates perching on cat towers equipped with steps she can climb easily. She enjoys rubbing her jaw against a kitty brush while you groom her and would appreciate a quiet home where she can knead the blankets on your bed and sleep by your feet as your only feline friend.