Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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  • Fiona -  A Gorgeous Face
  • Cammy -  Calico Cammy
  • Joey - Heart of Gold!
  • Kitty cat - Meet Miss Kitty Cat!
  • Lucky - Drinks from Faucets!
  • Flaka  - Gentle Lady
  • Cougar
Cougar is a 11-year-old gray and white short-haired girl who loves to play and explore. She is athletic, smart and very sociable. Solidly built, Cougar kitty has gorgeous steel gray fur and a cute little gray spot on her chin. Among other games, Cougar enjoys chasing a laser dot and helping make the bed - which involves a bit of pouncing on hands under the blankets. This kitty thoroughly relishes the comforts of home - she just needs someone to take her to theirs. If you think you might be that person then please come meet Cougar at the Seattle Humane Society. She may be just the girl you have been looking for!