Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Cassie -  Six-Pound Princess
  • Cassie -  Six-Pound Princess
  • Dolly  - Sweet Baby Dolly
  • Kali  - A Vivid Beauty
  • Otis -  A Shy Gentleman
  • Four  - Social Girl!
  • Kia - More to Love!
  • Simon -  Social Butterfly!
Cassie - Six-Pound Princess
Cassie, is a gentle, kind, and bashful little princess. This 1-year-old wee little one only weighs six pounds - so the world looks rather large and scary to her. She needs a gentle adopter to make her feel at home. Sound like you? Start with a few neck scratches and you'll be fast friends with Cassie in no time! ---