Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Dolly  - Sweet Baby Dolly
  • Cassie -  Six-Pound Princess
  • Dolly  - Sweet Baby Dolly
  • Kali  - A Vivid Beauty
  • Otis -  A Shy Gentleman
  • Four  - Social Girl!
  • Kia - More to Love!
  • Simon -  Social Butterfly!
Dolly - Sweet Baby Dolly
Meet Dolly, an adorable black and white shorthaired girl. Dolly is very talkative, she will greet you with a chirp and she will continue the conversation until you stop chirping back. When you visit Dolly she will immediately roll over and give you her soft belly to rub. If you stop petting her she will nuzzle your face and hands until you give in and scratch her some more. Dolly's distinctive black eyebrows will make you giggle, she has a constant look of bewilderment and excitement. Come meet Dolly at Seattle Humane Society and be prepared to make a new best friend. ---