Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Four  - Social Girl!
  • Dolly  - Sweet Baby Dolly
  • Kali  - A Vivid Beauty
  • Otis -  A Shy Gentleman
  • Four  - Social Girl!
  • Kia - More to Love!
  • Simon -  Social Butterfly!
  • Mona -  Hides Under Covers
Four - Social Girl!
Four is a 3-year old long-haired brown and orange tabby girl who is engaging, affectionate and very pretty. You can tell that she is used to being the center of attention; she always places herself near visitors so that she can get maximum attention and her eyes will soften with pure pleasure when she gets petted. Four is also partial to soft beds, fleece blankets and pampering of any kind. If you are looking for a pretty companion kitty then please come meet Four at the Seattle Humane Society. She could be just the girl you have been waiting for! ---