Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Simon -  Social Butterfly!
  • Otis -  A Shy Gentleman
  • Four  - Social Girl!
  • Kia - More to Love!
  • Simon -  Social Butterfly!
  • Mona -  Hides Under Covers
  • Fuzz  - A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
  • Dino  Easy-Going Tabby
Simon - Social Butterfly!
Simon is a 5-year old black and white medium-haired kitty who loves being with people. This outgoing guy will come right up to visitors to his kitty condo and practically demand that they pet him! And how could they resist him - with his white chest ruff, adorable white feet and tipped ear? This handsome fellow would be a perfect companion - whether "helping" with office work, watching TV, or snuggling up in bed. If you are in need of a new friend then please come meet Simon at the Seattle Humane Society. He will have you signing those adoption papers in no time. ---